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Our office staff operate from a new office building which was completed in January 2020. The new accommodation enables us to streamline our operation and ensure we are more efficient than ever before.


For those wishing to collect their order, a newly concreted yard with easy access for HGV vehicles and small vehicles alike is situated adjacent to the offices. Collections can be made from 8.00am until 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, and earlier or later by appointment; Saturday morning collections are also available.



Turf Fields

We currently have 350 acres of turf under production, which will rise to 430 acres by the middle of 2020. So far, all our fields are in close proximity to the offices. Fields are prepared, seeded and cared for by James Winwood and his team until the grass crop is mature enough to harvest. Click here to read about our turf growing process.




Turf Harvester

Here our state-of-the-art, robotic turf harvester can be seen. It is the biggest single investment in our machinery portfolio and is at the heart of our production. It can be seen working 6 days a week and produces turf to a precise uniform size. It is the most utilised machine in the whole operation.




Workshop & Storage

Here we have our newly constructed 8000 sq.ft. workshop and storage facility. We have a fully kitted-out workshop to enable all the necessary machinery servicing and repair work to take place and to ensure we meet our commitments to produce, harvest and deliver on time.


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