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Turf Growing Process

The growing process is like for any other production process in that the end results depend largely on the preparation, which, for us, comes with years of experience and a vast amount of investment in the best machinery.

First, our fields are sprayed to kill off any unwanted weeds.


Next, we plough our fields to a desired depth.


Now we power-harrow our fields.




The next process is called “stone burying” and, as the name suggests, it’s an operation whereby we bury some of the stones to a depth that will not interfere with the grass growth.



Seeding is next on the list using our precision seeder. Bags upon bags of the finest quality seeds are spread evenly across the prepared field to an exact quantity.


After the seed has germinated and grown to a specific height, then it’s time for the first mow. This is normally done using a precision rotary mower and after that a cylinder mower. During the growing process the grass is mowed between one and two times per week. The grass is fed regularly and sprayed for weeds to be sure you receive the very best product.



Regular feeding of the turf crop is essential and this is now carried out using our newly purchased fertiliser spreader which is fitted with a GPS system.


Regular spraying is also essential to obtain the best results by eliminating weeds and diseases from the grass and providing it with protection. 



Our turf fields are vacuumed on a regular basis to remove excess clippings and other items such as leaves in the autumn.


Prior to harvesting of the turf, the area to be cut that day will be mowed with a precision ride-on mower.

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Once the turf has gone through the growing process next comes harvesting. We harvest each day using the latest robotic harvesters which accurately cut the turf to the correct length, width and thickness. The turf is formed into a roll and placed gently onto a wooden pallet.


We can decide how many rolls go onto each pallet according to our customers' requirements and weather conditions.


Completed pallets of turf are then wrapped to stabilise the rolls before loading onto the lorry. 


The pallets of turf are then ready to load onto a lorry for delivery to the required location. Harvesting is done within hours of receiving an order but as close to the transport collection time as possible to ensure you receive your turf as fresh as possible. We operate using a fleet of our own trucks as well as using outside hauliers. Each of our own trucks is fitted with forklifts to make the delivery process as quick, safe and easy as possible. 


We also have a large collection yard which can accept any size of vehicle, artic lorries included, so customers can also collect from us using their own transport if they prefer.


It is now left for you to enjoy your beautiful new lawn. 


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