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How soon must I lay my turf once it has been delivered?

You should always lay your turf as soon as possible after delivery, preferably the same day it arrives particularly in the summer.

What should I do if I cannot lay my turf for some time?

It is always best to lay your turf on the same day as it arrives, however in circumstances where it cannot be laid then it is best to unroll the turf onto a flat surface and water it well until you are able to lay it.

How thick is the turf?

The turf is approximately 20mm thick.

How often should I water my turf?

You should water your turf in the mornings and evenings in the first few weeks and particularly so in the summer months.

Should I fertilise my turf?

Yes you should. Turf, like anything living, needs food. It helps it to grow strong and fight off diseases. 

When do I start mowing my lawn?

Wait for your lawn to root down into the ground. Next set your mower to the highest setting and simply mow off the top 25% only. As the turf gets more established then reduce the mowing height a bit at a time.

I have ordered too much turf, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately as the turf is a perishable good we do not take turf back or refund. Therefore it is important to ensure that you order as close to the right quantity as possible. If you need help with working out the amount you require please use the calculator on the home page or alternatively call the office on 01902 784866 where someone will be able to assist you. 

I have a question about delivery

Please check our delivery FAQs.